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When a seed sprouts...

"Everyone can rise above their circumstances and achieve success if they are dedicated and passionate about what they do" - Nelson Mandela.

In 2015 we were faced with the same challenges all actors face during their careers in a difficult and competitive industry. We sat with our heads on our hands, wondering when the next opportunity would arise to help us sustain our careers. We sat around a table and contemplated how different our careers would have been if we were guided and supported from a young age. That moment was the turning point and the seed for The Actor's Toolbox was created. For months on end, we brainstormed and dreamed about a safe place for actors to come together and share their experiences with those who need it most. For the first four years we hosted the workshop - but soon realized that it is completely counterproductive to expect actors to pay for these workshops. Actors face unsettling financial challenges on a daily basis, and it seemed unfair of us to put more pressure on them.

After a few harrowing months of digging through truckloads of admin to get our NPO registered, we finally got our registration certificate as well as PBO!

National Lotteries Commission did not hesitate to fund us for our small grant and in September and November 2019 we hosted our very first Actor's Toolbox workshops!

The seed that was planted out of sheer confusion and desperation is now a budding, beautiful and rewarding platform from where we can uplift, guide and empower creatives just like us to chase their dreams and give them the tools to reach it!

Dedication and passion brought the Actor's Toolbox to where it is today, and we stand proud knowing that our beloved Nelson Mandela was right - everyone can rise above their circumstances and achieve success...

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