workshops & programmes.

NPO programmes.

These workshops are the heart of the Actor's Toolbox.


Successful applicants will be able to attend these for free (Yes! Free!) thanks to the generosity of our funders & partners.  

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(5-day workshop)

skill-specific workshops

Our skill-specific workshops are focussed on bringing you top-notch sessions from industry professionals - all at a discounted rate!


Not only will this be making these much-needed skills available to a broader audience, but the monies raised from these workshops will go back into the Actor's Toolbox NPO to ensure that we can continue giving back to those in need.  

Click below for more information on each:   |  NPO reg. number: 216-149 | NPC reg. number: 2018/475547/08 | PBO reg. number: 93006457

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